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The Duo Oltheten Gomide was formed in 2013, while Daphne Oltheten (violin) and Henrique Gomide (piano) were studying at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (Netherlands). The Sonata for Violin and Piano Claude Debussy – the last piece written by the French composer - served as inspiration for them to start a project. Their immediate affinity and similar musical ideas led them to quickly incorporate several Sonatas into their repertoire.


The duo has performed in important concert halls and festivals in the Netherlands, Brazil and Germany and released two CD’s. The first of them features Violin Sonatas by Mozart, Schubert and Grieg. The newest album, Diálogo (A Casa Discos) combines monumental Sonatas by Beethoven and Brahms with contemporary Brazilian composers.



With this program, the duo Oltheten Gomide dives into a less-known side Brazilian music. Way beyond already known stereotypes, the project seeks to give light to a more intimate, far-reaching Brazil and honor outstanding composers like Elomar, Guinga, Garoto, Pixinguinha and others.

Violin-Sonatas by Mozart, Schubert and Grieg, Beethoven and Brahms, as well as contemporary Brazilian pieces.








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Daphne Oltheten (Foto: Anne Meyer)