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DUO OLTHETEN GOMIDE - DIALOGUE | Review by Cristiano Alves (Director of Label A Casa)

Maturity and youth, talent and dedication. These attributes, which characterise the Duo Oltheten Gomide, translate some of its rich artistic base. Originating from families of musicians, they forge their own paths, ranging from baroque music to jazz and chamber music.

Their camerisitic verve is as solid as their musical training, causing the Duo’s identity to pulsate between works of varied styles. Oltheten and Gomide demonstrate all of their technical and artistic qualities in this beautiful work that is undoubtedly among the best releases in the chamber music scene of the past few years. It includes an inspired composition by Gomide, interspersed by the works of two exponents of Brazilian music: Ernani Aguiar and Almeida Prado. With contrasting styles, the four excellent Brazilian works dialogue in perfect harmony with two monuments in the literature for violin and piano, written by two of the greatest composers of all time: Beethoven and Brahms.

As artistic director of Selo A Casa, I am very proud of Duo Oltheten Gomide’s presence in our hall of artists, and of being part of this beautiful story, initiated by the late and forever loved Sergio Roberto de Oliveira. Following the premise established by Sergio, we seek to value national musicians and composers, without, however, failing to make space for all artistic expressions of quality. Long live this great Duo, that is here to stay, and may there be many more to come.

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